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The Listing Datasets held by Historic England are available for download via the Internet. The data is suitable for use in a Geographic Information System.

Other digital data, such as background mapping, is not included.

The following datasets are available for download in zipped folders containing ESRI shapefile format files
  • Listed Buildings
  • Scheduled Monuments
  • Registered Parks & Gardens
  • Registered Battlefields
  • World Heritage Sites
  • Protected Wreck Sites
  • Heritage At Risk

Please note that by downloading data you will be accepting the Terms and Conditions which appear on the next page.

Welcome to the download area.

Please select the file you wish to download and press the download button. The data is in ESRI shapefile format supplied in ZIP files for easy download. If you require a different format please contact us for assistance. Contained in the zip file is UK Gemini metadata. To find out about the data before downloading please read About The Data.

Please indicate your use of the data here  

For more information about the data please see About The Data.

Available Datasets

Dataset Upload Date Size (kb)
10/8/2020 1045314
10/8/2020 755490
10/8/2020 764972
11/25/2019 5686521
10/15/2020 5499506
10/8/2020 25553449
10/8/2020 6478725
10/8/2020 879044
10/8/2020 17208501
10/8/2020 2495006